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Open JAR Solutions: Angela’s 15/5

For week ending
[March 29, 2008]




Worked on the website. I used the storyboard that Jerry sent. She sent it to Dr. Grant for feed back. I made some of the changes sujested. Jerry says I should have used a css. I developed it based on the storyboard, but didn't know how to include the boarder around the text. I created the boarder in Fireworks and placed the text inside. I will look at it again.


Jerry has scheduled a meeting with Dr. Grant to discuss how to fix the web site and other problems we are having. Before the meeting, I talked to her about going a head and making the changes Dr. Grant suggested. She has created another web site. It has been decided that we are going to use her web site.


I contacted Dr. Brescia about the participants for the formative evaluation. I am waiting for him to respond.



Pending Items


The participants have to be identified inorder to complete the One-on-One and Small group trials.


The web site is still being revised along with the style sheets.




Recommended Actions

I didn't feel good about the meeting Thursday.

Get over it!!!

We are not getting any particpants for the project. Dr. Grant is going to help with this.

Wait and see what happens.


I am really ready for this to be over!!!!!!!!!!!





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