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Open JAR Solutions: Angela’s 15/5

For week ending
[April 12, 2008]




I have emailed Mr. Hans and Dr. Brescia to set up times for the observation and testing of the system. Dr. Brescia has two students who are willing to particpate.  Mr. Hans gave me a list of about 16 or so students who would be willing to help. I started the observations Wednesday and completed them on Friday. I only had one UT student to actually conduct the test. I wished we had more UT students, but with exams we didn't.



Pending Items


I will work on the reports (One-on-One and Small group) next week.


We discussed want we wanted to say for the presentation.




Recommended Actions

I don't have any concerns. The project is complete.



I think the project turned out really well. I would like to learn what Ray did to get the database and system running. I know he put a lot of work into it.





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