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Open JAR Solutions: Angela’s 15/5

For week ending
[February 9, 2008]




I wrote the Context Analysis. I had to use a lot of information from the UTHSC's website.



Pending Items


We have to assign task for the rest of the project.


Look over material from our group meeting on Sunday, February 10, 2008.


Meet with team to discuss our progress. 




Recommended Actions

I am not sure that I did the context analysis the way it was suppose to be done. I am waiting on feedback. We all have different writing styles, strengths and weakness. I don't really like group work because I don't like being responsible for someone else's grade. If I mess up my own work, I can handle that, but group work is different. I know in a company you work with others.  
We didn't get any response from the survey that we created. I am concerned about completing the rest of the project without student participants. We were unable to determine how students felt about training and computer-based instruction.

Use UTHSC's website to gather information for Context Analysis.







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