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Open JAR Solutions: Angela’s 15/5

For week ending
[February 15, 2008]




After receiving feedback from Dr. Grant, I revised the Analysis Report.  There are still some revisions to do, but our group has to meet with Dr. Grant before I can make them.  Also, have to get in contact with Dr. Brescia in order to get Learner Analysis done.


I contacted Dr. Brescia for phone conference. I was upset after the phone conference.  I didn’t get to ask him all the questions.
I made a survey for the M2 students to finish the questions I wanted to ask Dr. Brescia.  There were 40 surveys on my Surveymonkey account.  I can now complete the Learner Analysis.


Pending Items


I have to finish the Analysis report and send it to Dr. Brescia for review.


I have to work on the Content Analysis that is due next week.


I have to record the pronunciation of the drugs.  I need to talk to Ray to determine when his friend will be able meet and do the recordings.




Recommended Actions

I am not sure that I did the context analysis the way it was suppose to be done. I am waiting on feedback. We all have different writing styles, strengths and weakness. I don't really like group work because I don't like being responsible for someone else's grade. If I mess up my own work, I can handle that, but group work is different. I know in a company you work with others.  
We didn't any response from the survey that we created. I am concerned about completing the rest of the project without student participants. We were unable to determine how students felt about training and computer-based instruction.

Use UTHSC's website to gather information for Context Analysis.







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