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Open JAR Solutions: Angela’s 15/5

For week ending
[February 23, 2008]




I revised the Context Analysis and emailed it to Dr. Brescia. I am waiting on his feedback. The feedback from the 40 surveys, we received from the students, was put into the learner analysis. I received seven more surveys after the deadline. I have to review those.


I finished the Topical Analysis.


Pending Items


I have to complete the product specification, the high concept statement, and the treatment description and rationale.


I will look over the seven surveys and check periodically for additions.


I have to get Julia Youngblood's number and schedule a time for recording the drug names.




Recommended Actions

We have not received feedback from Dr. Brescia concerning any of the documents we asked to him to approve. It was suggested that no news is good news, but the team leader is going to contact the client.
As it gets closer to evaluating the product, I am afraid that we may not have any student participants.

In our meeting Sunday, we discussed possible solutions. One solution was to find other medical students in the UTHSC library or nurses from the University of Memphis.







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