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Open JAR Solutions: Angela’s 15/5

For week ending
[March 1, 2008]




I revised the topical analysis and sent a copy to Dr. Brescia along with a copy of the survey report. Dr. Brescia wants to include that although students prefer to study alone, studies show that those students have the most difficulty. I included this information in the learner analysis.


I updated the analysis report to include the results of the other seven surveys. The percentage of students wanting a online drug pronunication performance system decreased.



Pending Items


I need to complete the product specifications and the high concept statement for the next assignment.
I need to get someone to record the other drug names we need. We were going to get Julia Youngblood to do it, but I don't know how to contact her. I may have to check the web for the information.




Recommended Actions

It seems as though the client has a problem with someone else doing the recordings. I think they wanted the students to hear other students from the same program pronounce the drug names.

Ask team how this will affect our project.We are having a meeting with the client on Monday to discuss the change and decide what our next step will be.


Overall the project is going and doing fine.  I am really learning a lot. I finally got the hang of dreamweaver.





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