Target Audience & Client Information

Our client is Dr. William Brescia, the Director of Instructional Technology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Memphis, TN.

The initial audience for our project is second year medical students, (known as “M2’s”) enrolled in the Medical Pharmacology course at UTHSC.  However, it is expected that students will continue to use the resource even after they complete the course.

Dr. Brescia’s proposal stated:

The Office of Medical Education has a video of M3 students saying Drug names.  I see this as the basis of a Pharm unit that will have the video with the correct spelling and pronunciation along with information about each drug.  There could also be links to other resources.

It might even be the basis of a wiki.

A tool would have to be designed that would allow for new data to be entered so that students could add new information from clinical tests and delete old data.

Reviews of this type are key for students studying the proper use of current drugs.

Links to UTHSC sites:

College of Medicine website

Academic Calendar

OLSEN (important sites used by students)

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